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Three RPG classics rolled into one single Android game


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Shining Force Classics is a compilation of three major SEGA classics: Shining Force, Shining Force 2 and Shining in the Darkness. While they do all belong to the same saga and take place within the same universe -- the first two titles are heavily laden with a strategic component (not unlike games from the Fire Emblem saga). Meanwhile, the third: Shining in the Darkness is your standard dungeon crawler shot from within a first-person perspective.

Each of the three adventures in Shining Force Classics has you creating your own unique character and naming them as you wish. In Shining in the Darkness your objective is to rescue the King's daughter by blazing through the dungeons of Thornwood, killing off any of the hundreds of monsters that cross your path. In Shining Force 1 and 2, conflict escalates very quickly with multitudinary battles where you control a number of characters simultaneously. Each game brings a different set of elements to the table, which evokes a completely distinct gaming experience in each case, but they're all great and will satisfy any true fan of this genre.

Shining Force Classics forms part of the 'SEGA Forever' line -- a series of video games launched officially by SEGA themselves, and redesigned for smartphones. As with any other launch, you'll get total freedom when it comes to setting up controls. Plus you can opt to rewind back by 15 seconds at any time and save your game whenever you want. What's even better is that the game is a true 'Free-to-Play' so you'll only have to sit through in-app ads while waiting for the game to start up.
By Erika Okumura
Five classic SEGA games that we'd like to see on Android

We've already talked all your ears off about the SEGA Forever initiative: a line of classics from yesterday and today from the Japanese company, that we can now find for free on Android. While there are already plenty of games available (Sonic the Hedgehog, Dynamite Headdy, Shining Force, etc.), the truth is that there are still so many games in the SEGA catalog that we think are are worth bring to Android. We know that the vast library of the company that brought us Sonic could provide us with enough games to create an enormous wish list of games. That's why we've narrowed down the selection to five games that need to appear on Android through the SEGA Forever initiative. 
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Shining Force is now on Android thanks to SEGA Forever

The main problem with all the classic videogames that are arriving on mobile devices through the this SEGA initiative is that, no matter how hard they try to replicate the experience, the controls suffer enormously when trying to transfer the real time action experience to touchscreens. However, in the case of Shining Force, it's much different, since it's a turn-based strategy game so the controls adapt much better to the mobile platform. The semi-unknown Shining in the Darkness along with the two subsequent installments from Mega Drive/Sega Genesis make up the new SEGA Forever pack.
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